Shit I hate

I don’t like Michele Bachmann. I think her views on homosexuality and evolution are backward and dangerous, her grasp of American history tenuous at best, and don’t even get me started on her desire to eliminate minimum wage. In short, I would vote for pretty much any other candidate of any other party to keep her out of the White House.

But come on, Newsweek. This cover is bullshit. It’s a tabloid tactic that cheapens an already cheapened political discourse. You’re better than that. The American public deserves better.

Grow up.

The waters are getting murkier.

edited 8/9/11 12:15pm to correct spelling of Ms. Bachmann’s name.

4 thoughts on “Shit I hate

  1. We’re tempted to steal this, but that would be a horrible thing to do. We might link to it, though. Thanks for alerting us to horrible behavior.

  2. I really wanted to like Michele B and tried hard, as she was the only female option, but every time I watched her speak, she was always talking shit about someone else. Big turn-off! We don’t need some gossipy B. I want to hear what she is going to do that is going to be GOOD for the country, not what she thinks is BAD about our current leader or her fellow party members. If she was patriotic and had any respect for herself and for our country, she would maintain some level of good manners and good will towards her political brothers. As much as I would like to see a woman in office, morally, I cannot vote for nasty openly-dirty-playing politicians or dummies.

    Re Brad and Angelina… I had a dream once that they asked me to do a threesome with them… I think that’s what happened with “the help” and Angie’s totally cool with it. 😀 Keepin it spicy!

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