Read with the author at Kindle Boards

I’ve been a member of the Kindle Message Boards for over two years now. It’s an excellent place to find book recommendations, get suggestions for how to solve any technical difficulties you may be having with your Kindle, and to hang out with other people who love to read. But Kindle Boards also hosts book klubs (not clubs, “because it’s Kindle, not Cindle”), including the chance for readers to discuss books with their authors.

I’m very excited to announce that Kindle Boards will be hosting a Read With The Author klub for Waiting For Spring in November. We’ll be discussing the usual book club stuff – themes, characters, setting, etc – but we’ll also be able to talk about behind-the-scenes things, which I think will be fun. Of course I think it will be fun. It’s my book, and if there’s one thing an author likes talking about it’s his or her book.  But I hope some of you will think it sounds like fun, too, and join in the discussion.

Naturally, you’ll have to sign up for the Kindle Boards to participate, but that’s easy to do and there are many other fine reasons for joining (see paragraph 1). But even though it’s a Kindle Boards discussion you can join in even if you’ve read (or plan to read) the print edition. Also worth mentioning: please feel free to join in whether you have the original self-published edition of the novel or the Amazon Encore edition. Most of the differences are copyediting related, but we can discuss the few changes that are more substantial.

I’ll post more information about it in the next few weeks, including links to the discussion area as they become live, but in the meantime I’d love to hear any reader suggestions for discussion ideas.

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