Back to work

My first day back to work is in the books. I’m feeling a little tired, but it’s normal “I just got done working” tired instead of “I need to take a seven hour nap to recuperate” tired, so I call that good. Hope you all had a great Monday!

There’s an echo in here

Getting ready for another echocardiogram, my third this year. Trastuzumab can be rough on the ole ticker, so they like to take a peek at it every few months. I did some Google research on the process this morning and still don’t understand much about it, but I trust the dudes who went to school…

Reasons to smile

The appointment with my oncologist went extremely well today. My tumors have shrunk by nearly 50%! Because my side effects are currently manageable we’re a go to continue with the immunotherapy and estrogen blocker to see how much more we can shrink those fuckers down. I have been given the okay to return to work…

Minty fresh!

A new milestone: Mint toothpaste tastes good again! My taste buds are nearly back to normal. Even sweets taste good. That means I’m gonna have to start practicing self-control again when it comes to junk food.


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About Me

In January 2021 I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Of course I have to write about it…

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