Interviews and articles

Interview with Patzi Gil on Tan Talk 1340 Radio Network in Clearwater, FL, July 26, 2016.

Interview with Reggie Lutz on WRKC radio in Wilkes-Barre, PA, July 23, 2014.

Amazon Encore Author Spotlight – Kindle Nation Daily (with April Hamilton), July 27, 2012

Women Ask Lawmakers For Reproductive Guidance  – Care2 (Jessica Pieklo), March 26, 2012 (regarding a Paper Rats video)

Facetime: R.J. Keller — Winthrop author is drawn to Lewiston’s contrasts – Lewiston Sun Journal (with Mark LaFlame), February 26, 2012

RJ Keller Talks Second-Novel Blues and Pie (with Kristen Tsetsi) – October 12, 2011

A Tweet Interview at LL Book Review (with Shannon Yarbrough) – May 1, 2011

Self-Publishing Review (with Todd Keisling) – January 10, 2011

Backstory (with Sandy Ward Bell) – November 8, 2010 (audio interview)

Creators Dealing with Chronic Illness (with TL Haddix) – October 25, 2010

From Self-Pub to Trad-Pub – RJ Keller Crosses The Line (with Kristen Tsetsi) – October 16, 2010


Articles by R.J. Keller

Should Writers Have Muzzles – New Wave Authors (August 1, 2012)

Let’s Talk About Sex – New Wave Authors (July 2, 2012)

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From The Princess BrideThe Official Princess Bride Website

Why?Backword Books
– reflections on a family’s trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC

All Books Should Begin With A PrologueLL Book Review
– with author Kristen Tsetsi