A loss of faith in humanity

I worked graveyard again last night. At about three this morning, a girl (not quite 20 years old) came into the store, having been driven by her sister. She was in labor (in labor!!!) and she felt it necessary to make a stop on the way to buy herself a pack of smokes. On her welfare card. I have been seriously depressed about it ever since.

7 thoughts on “A loss of faith in humanity

  1. This is really really important Robin advice. I only share it with a select few. And everyone who reads your blog.

    Expect this sort of stupid shit from everyone. Then, if people act halfway normal, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. I agree with Robin. Mind if I give my thoughts?

    Despite your feelings about this young woman, you can’t save someone from themselves. Many people care more about their pleasures than life (theirs and others).

    So try your best to not to feel depressed when someone does something you know – and they know – is wrong. If you care too much, it can destroy you.

  3. It’s so true what Joe said. You cannot save everyone and maybe not everyone is supposed to be saved, you know? All you can do is wish her well. And maybe that’s enough. I believe that it all has meaning and maybe she had a lesson that she must learn from this mistake.

  4. I too find myself aghast with the choices and ignorance dowsed decisions made by the people that I come across. I care and I choose to continue to care in the following fashion: I listen, I let myself feel, and if appropriate, I leave them with choices – and possible consequences. The ball is ever in the court of the “observer”. I leave them in the hands of their “Higher Power” and try to think of some totally unrealistic circumstance that may just save their A$$. I love a good little twist of fate, and the moment the person finally has that much needed A-HA moment. I even revel in my own moments like that. Sometimes we just need that swift kick in the right direction.

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