Well, my cold is still with me. Now my kids have it, too. Our doctor said there’s not much he can do about it. He said it’s a nasty one, and that it can last anywhere from four days to three weeks.

We’re in the middle of yet another storm in which, according to the meteorologist on the news last night, is going to dump six to fourteen inches on us.

My hubby & I decided to pay for cable televison for my mother-in-law (who is on a very fixed income) because of the whole analog/digital television switchover thing. Today’s the day for the installation. The cable guy called her. He’ll be there sometime between 8am-6pm.

Today I have to work. I’ll punch in at precisely 2:30pm. I’ll give each of my customers back exact change. I’ll stock the cooler and liquor shelves thoroughly. I’ll shovel the walkways – with a cold – with great care so none of my customers get hurt. I’ll punch out at exactly 11:30.


5 thoughts on “Estimations

  1. Gotta love the service ethic of our nation’s wonderful cable companies. But hey, look on the bright side — at least the American public isn’t bailing cable companies out through the stimulus package. They know how to irritate people AND make a profit.

  2. Hope you and the kids get to feeling better sooner than later. And be careful when travelling in the snow. And the cable guy should give a precise time…I hate those that say “we’ll be there somewhere between 8am-6pm.” That just ruins the day. And finally, may you at least have some form of inspiration from work.

  3. I think they should get really crazy and say, “We’ll be there sometime in May.” Don’t they know people work? Hmmmm? And you can’t even have your kids let them in because the person has to be at least 18.

  4. I know the cable guy can’t be too, too precise on what time he’ll be there due to the nature of his job. I’ve had a job like that, too, driving all over town to deal with problems that may or may not be what I was told to expect. You get stuck in traffic, you get to a site and encounter complications, etc, etc.

    Nevertheless, I never, ever, was unable to give a client a ballpark figure to within a few hours. That full-day spread is just ridiculous, since they should at the very least be able to say morning, mid-day or late afternoon. Not everyone can take the day off to sit around for cable, gas, or what have you.

    Sorry you have to work with a cold. And now a snowstorm, too.

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