Make Mine Moxie!

You haven’t experienced Maine if you haven’t tried Moxie. I don’t drink the stuff for pleasure, God knows. It tastes like carbonated death. But when you’ve got a bad cold, like I do right now (this might be why), there’s no better cure than a bottle of Moxie, followed quickly by a Nyquil chaser, then a few stiff shots of blackberry brandy.* Besides, it’s the official soft drink of Maine, so it’s my patriotic duty to drink a little from time to time.


*Don’t try this at home.

6 thoughts on “Make Mine Moxie!

  1. I’ve never heard of it, but I hope it works for you! If it doesn’t, my family has a special solution that’s used to battle everything from the common cold to the flu…a mixture of 2 parts Single Malt (Scotch) Whisky, one part lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. You can also add hot water if you like.

    But I do hope you get to feeling better. Just get lots of rest (if you can).

  2. I’ve been to Maine several times but never tried it. I don’t normally drink soft drinks, but if it’s a “Maine specialty,” I may have to give it a try next time I’m up there. Even if it does taste like “carbonated death.”

  3. My friend Carole might be related to Joe. She always tells me that. I never have honey and lemon at the same time, though!

    I love the Moxie ad! It’s like they’re stuck in a time warp.

  4. Moxie. I haven’t seen that around here. Is Maine so far away from Massachusetts? I’ll make sure to try it though when we go to Maine in the summer. And it will be all your fault!

    I’m sorry you’re down with the cold. I hope you get over it quickly. I haven’t been able to recover from one of these things for weeks. They can be bad.

  5. Carbonated death…sounds like my kind of drink.

    That Moxie-Nyquil-brandy concoction sounds potentially lethal. On the other hand, I bet it would knock you unconscious until the cold went away, which could be a good thing.

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