“Always Be Shoveling”

YouTube wouldn’t let me post my latest video there for…uh…certain reasons. MySpace let me host it there, though. The picture and sound aren’t as clear as I’d like, but what can ya do?

Check it out here.

5 thoughts on ““Always Be Shoveling””

  1. Very entertaining!

    Glad I’m not there! I like my snow to be 8 miles away, up in the hills. I can see it when I want to, and when I’m fed up with it, I can just go home.

    More vids soon!

  2. Good. Very Good.

    I remember times like the “I just shoveled that 20 minutes ago!” Quite awful. Keep safe and warm!

  3. No more. No more. Now spring is here. Right? It is. I swear it has come. No more snow! I want to start gardening now!

    And why couldn’t you post on YouTube? Are they biased against snow? Does shoveling have some dirty connotation that I don’t know?

  4. Thanks all!

    Lori, they didn’t let it upload because I used a copyrighted song for the “soundtrack.” I usually don’t, but this one just wasn’t the same without that particular song.

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