5 thoughts on ““Always Be Shoveling”

  1. Very entertaining!

    Glad I’m not there! I like my snow to be 8 miles away, up in the hills. I can see it when I want to, and when I’m fed up with it, I can just go home.

    More vids soon!

  2. Good. Very Good.

    I remember times like the “I just shoveled that 20 minutes ago!” Quite awful. Keep safe and warm!

  3. No more. No more. Now spring is here. Right? It is. I swear it has come. No more snow! I want to start gardening now!

    And why couldn’t you post on YouTube? Are they biased against snow? Does shoveling have some dirty connotation that I don’t know?

  4. Thanks all!

    Lori, they didn’t let it upload because I used a copyrighted song for the “soundtrack.” I usually don’t, but this one just wasn’t the same without that particular song.

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