Overwork and other crimes of nature

As alluded to in yesterday’s post, I worked my ass off over the weekend. Well, figuratively speaking, anyway, since literally speaking my ass is still quite ample. As you can imagine, the turnover rate for employees at a minimum wage convenience store is pretty big, and we were once again left short handed. I filled in for a few of these empty shifts, while training a new employee who will now – hopefully! – begin to fill in the gaps herself.

I did this training all Sunday night and into Monday morning while battling a fairly horrendous snowstorm. We got about 14 inches during that 9 hour shift, and I spent most of it shoveling the walkways and gas pumps so customers wouldn’t slip and fall. And as I shoveled, to keep myself going, I imagined Alec Baldwin’s hoarse cry behind me:

“Always be shoveling. Always! be shoveling.”










Two days later I’m still sore in muscles I didn’t know I had. As predicted, the first-blush-of-romance-stage with winter has long since faded. I’m sick of snow. I’m sick of shoveling it and slipping on it and tramping through it to get my mail. Forget about waiting for spring. I’m chomping at the bit for it.

In other news, today is Wednesday, which means it’s my turn at Publishing Renaissance. This week’s article is entitled “Crime and Punishment.” Check it out.

9 thoughts on “Overwork and other crimes of nature

  1. I heard about all the snow hitting there. Hopefully you can rest up and feel better. If the store really cared, they’d provide you with an assistant to shovel the snow for you. After all, you’re a lady! You shouldn’t have to work like that!

    But take good care and rest up.

  2. Every now and then I have to disabuse my husband of the romantic notion that northern winters are just so luv-lee and that he would just luvvv to shovel the snow.

    This is the guy who’s too lazy to swish a bit of water over a plate that’s completely clean but for three crumbs from his sandwich. And he thinks he would shovel snow?

    Right, buddy.

    Good on you, Kel!

  3. Dear Joe….having lived in Maine and now the mountains of western Pennsylvania the only thing I can say…lady or not, if you want to get from Point A to Point B or at least not have snow to the eves, a lady must shovel ( or at least provide assistance)…. Complaining is expected…. and with 14incher I would be complaining….quite loudly… and buying an airline ticket to someplace quite tropical.

  4. Mmm…you do have a good point, Ms Lynn. The heavy snow is a pain. We had about 12″ two weeks ago…now it’s all gone…but when it was here, it was a pain to clear out.

  5. I might be a woman, but I surely ain’t no lady. 😉

    BG, send your hubby on up. I’ll let him do the shoveling on Friday. We’re due for another Big One.

    And YES! I do need a vacation. I do love Maine…truly. But I’ll tell ya, the older I get, the better New Mexico seems.

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