Precarious nature of an internet connection

I know you haven’t seen me round these here parts too much for the past few days. The reason is that I’ve been having problems with my internet connection. One minute everything’s hunky dory, the next I find myself in a “cannot find that page” wasteland. Emails don’t go through. Blog comments are erased. Kel’s hair is pulled out. It isn’t pretty.

I don’t fully understand the reason for it, even though my dear hubby – computer geek extraordinaire – took the time to explain it to me last night. I seem to remember the word “hub” came up a few times, but other than that it’s a blank and a blur.

The Internet Connection Fixer Guy is scheduled to come to the house tomorrow at the very convenient hour of “sometime between 9-3.” Until then you may find my presence here and at my friends’ blogs to be a bit spotty. Don’t take it personally. Like Ahnold, I’ll be back.

In the meantime, check out the Publishing Renaissance blog. You’ll find me waxing poetic about characterization, Kate Winslet, and masturbation. Not in the same sentence, though.

5 thoughts on “Precarious nature of an internet connection

  1. I’m sorry about your Internet problems.
    I also have a request: would it be possible for me to get a better resolution photo of yours for my web site? I have put up a page on Waiting for Spring, (on The Reading List) although I haven’t finished it yet. Your photo though looks a little too blurry, because it is too small for my template. Could I have a bigger one, please? Thank you.

  2. The snow is cool, but it makes me feel like there’s something wrong with my eyes.

    My internet connection has also been spotty, as of late. Especially when it’s raining or snowing. Makes playing WoW a bit of a challenge.

    Well, I hope you have a very merry Christmas! And a rockin’ new year.

  3. So sorry about your internet connection. That’s so aggravating! I once spent hours fooling around with my son’s printer because it wouldn’t work. I called tech support, etc. After 2 1/2 hours, I figured out that he had disconnected the computer so he could plug in his ipod. I hope this is that easy to fix, but since hubby is a techie, I doubt it!

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