and, “I’m back.”

The Internet Connection Fixer Guy came. Turns out there was something wrong with the modem, so he replaced it. Problem. Solved.

You may have noticed I took down the “Indie Books I Like” page. It’s not because I don’t like them anymore, it’s because I’m working on a new page that incorporates said indie books along with other Things I Like. I’m not sure exactly when it – or the promised Waiting For Spring FAQ page – will be done. Hopefully soon. I’m still getting used to the whole WordPress thing. Bear with me.

In the meantime, here are said books. I highly recommend each one of ’em. (Click on the cover pictures to find out where you can read and/or buy them.)

Steal Tomorrow – by Ann M. Pino

click here to read


The Proviso – by Moriah Jovan

click here to read


Kept – by Zoe Winters

click here to read

Also, here are some awesome movie sites I dig:

13 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Yay! Welcome back! I loved Zoe’s book! I’m waiting for my Kindle to scarf down yours and MoJo’s. I’ll have to check out Anne’s, too!

  2. You know kel…that snow stuff had my eyes going there for a while. For a second I thought I was going to get a migraine again… as that is what I see about 10 hours before they hit!!!

  3. You didn’t have to do that kel! I was happy to just realize it wasn’t me!!!
    Can you make the “other” snow go just as easily????

    BTW check out my blog…I have some really cool winter pics I shot this week.

  4. I use a Kodak Z812 camera. I found that you can get an adapter tube that screws into the lens area and you can then add the macro lens… it wasn’t very expensive. The one I have is a 10x. The adapters fit on any Kodak Z series, and I can add filters, diffusers, and some other lenses, that didn’t cost me a fortune.

  5. I am my internet fixer guy. If I can’t fix it, it stays broke, because I am also cheap and pay-for-play internet fixer guys aren’t.

    When I first took up blogging I tried WordPress and didn’t care for it. How do you like it?

  6. H2, fortunately it didn’t cost us anything because we still get our internet service through our local phone company (for now) and we get a certain amount of free fixin’. Since it was a problem with the equipment that we didn’t cause, we didn’t have to pay. Whoo-hoo!

    You’re right…that was an amazing read.

    Poverty breeds worse ills than an empty belly and ignorance, it’s a womb of continuous self denial. Natural born gifts tend to go unopened under a constant onslaught of no.

    Oh, and basically I like WordPress. Lots more features, like the ability to have separate pages, that I like. I just need to get used to the formatting.

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