Working on some updates

This coming week, I’m going to begin work on a Waiting For Spring F.A.Q for the WFS page. I’ll start with questions I’ve received already by email, but if you’ve read the book and have a question about the story, characters, setting, or anything else, please either email me at or leave it in the comments section of this post.

Just one request: If your question or comment is spoilery PLEASE post a warning stating so before the question or comment, or send it by email, for the benefit of those who haven’t read or finished reading the story.

In the meantime, don’t forget to vote in the ‘favorite character’ poll at the bottom of the WFS page!

Thanks a bunch!

8 thoughts on “Working on some updates

  1. Oh good! I can finally ask questions! Kel, didn’t you feel weird killing off all of your characters at the end when a huge tornado suddenly sweeps through Maine? I mean, they don’t even really have tornadoes in Maine.

    Oops! I forgot! Spoiler!!

  2. Tornado. haha! Funny!

    Here’s a question. I know Mt Kineo is a real place, because I googled it. But is the Indian princess story real too or did you just make it up for the book?

    This is not really a question, because the question would be getting more personal than you’d probably feel comfortable with having to answer. I just wanted to say that your depiction of what it’s like to sit and wait literally counting minutes and hours when a close family member is in rehab is frighteningly accurate. And the way Tess hid her own pain behind worrying about what Rachel was going through and by focusing on what Brian was feeling was so real. That’s why I love this book so much, because the whole thing is SO real and SO honest.

  3. Hey Janie! Good to see you found the new place.

    Thanks for the kind words. I strive for honesty when I’m writing, and it’s so reaffirming when I get comments like yours. I appreciate it very much.

    Regarding the Kineo story, it’s true…sort of. There are several different versions of it, none of which (as far as I know) can be documented as absolutely true. I’ll definitely put the question in the FAQ where I’ll give it a more detailed answer.

  4. I still haven’t finished the book yet, so I don’t want to make a fool of myself by asking the stupidest things. I’ll absolutely have some questions once I’m done.

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