Art and stuff

Another Waiting for Spring question. Or rather, two questions:

Are you an artist, like Tess? And what is Van Dyke Brown?

* Do you consider this art? I call it:
Arms Up, Arms Down, Arms Behind Your Back

Seriously…no, I’m not. Like Tess I sometimes struggle to express myself verbally. Instead I have my keyboard. She has her paintbrushes. I did do a great deal of research before I put those brushes in her hand, though. I have a close friend who is an artist (her stick figures are much better than mine), and I peppered her with so many questions that she stopped answering her phone when she saw my name pop up on the Caller ID. Next I read several books and visited lotsa websites to fill in some of the blanks. Finally, I bought a canvas, easel, and a bunch of acrylic paints and brushes and went to work. The result was hideous, and was immediately destroyed (also research; if you’ve read the entire book, you’ll know what I mean), but it did give me a feel for the process. And it gave me one of the biggest headaches of my life. I was kinder to Tess, and let her paint with the windows open.

* Van Dyke Brown: CLICK HERE.

3 thoughts on “Art and stuff

  1. My two Eurocents: Art, like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
    And I agree with Kimberly, your stick figures have a certain je ne sais quoi (showing off just about the only French I know). So there.

    And big congrats on crossing the 100-page line in the Screnzy! Victory dance all round!

  2. LOL! Thanks guys. I guess I have a fallback career now.

    Oh boy…Script Frenzy. My problem wasn’t reaching the 100 page line. It’s the fact that I’m only about halfway through the story even after I hit the 100 page line. Ack!

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