Small town, Sunday night

My dryer died last night, and I had to go to the laundrymat to dry my clothes. There are few places stranger than a laundrymat. There I was, folding my socks and underwear at a public table, under fluorescent lighting, in front of a plate glass window facing a crowded parking lot, no less; right next to a guy who was folding his socks and underwear. I’ve known this guy since we were kids, and we’re on generally friendly terms, but neither of us uttered a word the entire time. We were too busy trying not to look at each other’s underwear.


About R.J. Keller

R. J. Keller is the author of Waiting For Spring. An avid independent movie enthusiast, she was Managing Editor of The Movie Fanatic website and created episodes of the writer-centric YouTube series, Inside The Writers' Studio, with author Kristen Tsetsi. She co-hosted Book Chatter with Stacey Cochran from 2011-2014. She lives in Central Maine with her family, where she enjoys gardening, collecting geeky memorabilia, and watching other people cook. View all posts by R.J. Keller

4 responses to “Small town, Sunday night

  • spyscribbler

    That’s hilarious! Last time I went to the laundromat, a guy held the door open for me, and out dropped my underwear. Not just any old pair. The white pair. But, um, I can’t say it. Imagine it.

    I about died. Right at his feet!

  • R.J. Keller

    Oh my! It’s official. You’ve got the number one most embarrassing laundrymat experience.

    Great fodder for your book. 🙂

  • Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood

    Try folding your underwear in Hollywood next to a bunch of gorgeous actors and singers! Super embarrassing! For 6 years, I did my laundry in the mat at the bottom of the hill near the Hollywood sign in Beachwood Canyon. A lot of people become famous before they actually start rolling in the money and they still live in apartments that have no washer/dryers. Those were the days!

    (Thanks for spotlighting my site on your page. You are really funny. I like the way you write.)

  • R.J. Keller

    Too bad you didn’t swipe a pair or two of those skivvies from the gorgeous, nearly famous around you. Those’d be worth bucks right now.

    Thanks for stopping by! I found you through “The Movie Fanatic.”

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