Why I Love Script Frenzy

3. Like Napoleon Dynamite, I’m always on the lookout for new skills. Script writing is a skill, it’s damned hard, and I take my hat off to anyone who’s mastered it.

2. I’ve learned the art of OUTLINING. It’s something I’ve always hated doing in the past, but is an absolute necessity in this kind of writing. Not only did I enjoy doing it this time around, I’m actually itching to outline the next novel that’s bouncing around in my gut. Go figure.

1. This thread right here on the Script Frenzy forum. Funny as hell. I think the guy should totally go for it. I mean, wouldn’t YOU love to see an army riding moose into battle? I know I would.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Script Frenzy

  1. I completely agree with you that scriptwriting is hard. Very cut-to-the-bone, not a superfluous word, no stream-of-consciousness, everything having to be expressed visually or verbally… It’s tough. It’s a challenge. It’s why I torture myself this way šŸ™‚

    And about training moose as battle mounts… How come I never come up with crazy ideas like that ?!

    79 pages. You wow me.

  2. I find myself having to un-novel my script as I’m writing it. I wonder if I’d started with a new idea, instead of trying to adapt my book, if it would be easier. I’ll have to try it.

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