Men and women

Wednesday evening I hit a deer on the way home from my friend’s house. Behold the following cell phone conversation:

Me: (frantic, freaked out) Oh my God! Oh my God! I hit a deer!

Hubby: (frantic, freaked out) Are you hurt? (instant bonus points for hubby)

Me: (not quite so frantic, but still freaked out) No. I’m fine. But…I…hit…a…DEER!!!

Hubby: How bad is it damaged?

Me: It’s dead.

Hubby: What?! Totalled?

Me: Well yeah, I creamed it pretty hard.

Hubby: Not the deer, you dope (bonus points taken away instantly) the van!

Me: Beats the hell outta me.

I was still hovering over the poor, dead, mangled deer and so had no time for trivialities like damaged mini vans. (For all my guy readers: dented bumper. Goes in to be fixed on Monday. Comprehensive coverage. God Bless Allstate. We’re in Good Hands.)

3 thoughts on “Men and women

  1. She leaves tracks all over the internet.

    I think myspace might still be her thing, but she’s been seen on zeitgeist too.

    I feel so neglected…

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