Superbowl Time!

I’m trying to be excited. Really. Truly. It’s hard, though, knowing there will be no hotness this year. Again.
This hotness:

But. Life goes on and so does the Superbowl. Even without the hotness. And so I will attempt to make my:

Annual Superbowl Prediction.

It won’t be easy and this is why:

1. I know nothing about football. Except that Tom Brady is hot.

2. My second tried and true ‘who should I root for and therefore predict as the victor’ method is usually to pick the best looking uniform. Well, both the Colts uniforms and Da Bears uniforms suck big fat eggs. Butt ugly. The Colts have a slight–very slight–advantage in that their ugly blue isn’t as ugly as Da Bears’ ugly blue.

3. I know that–as a Pats fan–I’m supposed to hate Peyton Manning. But I don’t. Mostly because “Peyton” is a cool name.

However. I have decided to root for Da Bears and this is why:

I think it’s fun to say “Da Bears” just like the dudes on SNL. And so:


Bears: 29378
Colts: 7

Or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Superbowl Time!

  1. I can’t believe you came to visit my blog to tell me about this.

    It’s bad enough I’ve had to listen to you extol the hotness of Tom Brady over the years, but then you pick the Bears on the basis of the mispronunciation of “the.”

    Even worse, after ignoring my poor blog for forever – did you ever really love me? – to stop by just to tell me you picked “the” Bears just makes me want to drink beer. Or something.

    I can at least look at your methodology and adopt a superior attitude, but I have to acknowledge the possibility that you may just be right – not about the final score, of course.

    I’d chalk it all up to, “Well, she’s just a woman, after all.”

    And then I remember that women have the vote.

    Which explains why we have the politicians we do.

    Then I get depressed.

    And I want to drink beer.

    Are you sure you’re not my ex-wife?

  2. “…just a woman…”

    You’re just trying to make me kick yer ass.

    I think you should go drink some beer.

    I think you like me. You really, really like me.

    Oh. And I’ve been busy. I’ll shoot you an email or somthin’.

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