"I want my two dollars!!!!!"

A friend of mine has a fifteen year old daughter who works a paper route. The family is going away this coming weekend and I offered to take over the route while they were gone. Early this morning I drove the kid through her rounds so that I would have at least a vague clue of what I was doing come this weekend. Here are my initial thoughts:

1. Damn! Three o’clock comes twice a day?

2. Motion sensor lights are a good thing.

3. So are circular driveways.

4. Waking someone’s dog in the middle of the night is not a good thing.

5. Neither are skunks, especially when camped out underneath a deck. (In case you are reading this, Mrs. Mullis, that is why you did not get your newspaper this morning.)

6. Tip your paperboy/girl/woman. Generously.

One thought on “"I want my two dollars!!!!!"

  1. Had two very large paper routes when I was a lad – 150+ daily’s and 200 plus Sundays in the morning and 80+ daily’s in the evening.

    All done on bicycle before and after school.

    It paid for my first English Racer. (Damn! I’m old!)

    As an adult, I had a motor route. It paid for groceries. Nowadays it would mostly pay for gas.

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