Outcasts and girls with ambition…

…that’s what I want to see.

I’m sick and tired of no talent freaks like Jessica Simpson and useless pseudo-celebrities like Paris Hilton (and countless others just like them) trying to convince my daughter that she needs to be a vapid, brainless, pencil thin sex object in order to succeed. And I am damn sick and tired of the entertainment industry shining the spotlight on them. But what I am REALLY sick and tired of is the fact that the American public is falling for it.


Stop buying their music, stop paying to see their movies, stop reading the trashy magazines that hold them up as some sort of role models, and for God’s sake find your daughters some REAL women to look up to.

Thank you, Pink, for writing this song.

Stupid Girl

2 thoughts on “Outcasts and girls with ambition…

  1. You know, I finally got around to watching this video.

    You go, Pink!

    That said, a really great role model would be, like, Mary!

    And I don’t mean the one that Cameron Diaz played…

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