Doug Mirabelli is back!

You may, or possibly may not, remember my bout with the March Baseball Blues. In particular I was still mourning the loss of Mr. Doug Mirabelli, Esq. But now we’ve got him back.

A certain man I know who writes a sports column was last week urging Red Sox Nation to give up on my beloved pitcher man, Tim Wakefield. Now with the return of Mr. Mirabelli I predict great things for Mr. Wakefield. So much so that said sports columnist Rob Poindexter, under the influence of my 15 minute rant (believe me, you’d do anything to shut me up too after only half that time) has agreed to retract the vicious statements made in last week’s column if Timmy Boy wins 12 games this season. (Originally he said 15, but I reasoned with him that at least three of his losses don’t count due to Josh Bard’s 1948483284949372 passed balls.)

Bring on the Yankees!!!

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