Celebrity names and junk

I was reading the headlines on my Yahoo homepage and came across this:

“King Kong star, Black celebrates son, ‘Nacho.'” [insert picture of Jack Black here]

I swear to Bob, I thought the headline meant that Jack Black (whom I love more dearly than just about anybody out there) had named his son Nacho. Turns out he’s celebrating the birth of his son, name unknown to me at this time, and the release of his new movie “Nacho Libre.”

Although I consider myself pretty laid back in general on the whole celebrities-giving-their-kids-weird-names thing, that frightened me just a tad.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity names and junk

  1. What? You only update every couple of weeks now?

    At least I have the excuse of being on vacation 2 of the past 5 weeks.

    Last week reqired quite a bit of preparation, so I necessarily spent more time studying than posting.

    Wait – is that a good enough excuse?

    I thought so too!

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