Music, mullets and fun!

If you are as stuck in the 80’s as me then Click here <—-to read “Revisiting Live Aid” by Julie Wiskirchen. It’s a 1985 vs. 2005 reaction to Live Aid following last year’s release of the concert onto DVD. I only today became aware of this article (thanks Uncle James–who isn’t really my uncle) which is a hilarious yet sentimental review of the 80’s biggest concert phenomenon. And mullets.

A Thompson Twin (who isn’t really a twin):

2 thoughts on “Music, mullets and fun!

  1. I watched the original at this guy‘s house here in LA. He was a DJ. Back then I spent lots of time hanging out with people who worked at KMET, and going to metal shows, always with all-access passes that groupies would do damned near anything for but I lucked into because of my friends at the radio station. LOL

    It was a show to remember… hahaha too bad I can’t, really!

    The 80s were my heyday, dammit. I miss them 🙂

  2. I watched it at a friend’s house. I was fourteen (and a half) We snuck some of her parent’s wine coolers*, but I can still remember watching the concert.

    *This is completely true unless you are my mother. If you are, then it’s a complete fabrication. Wait! I’m an old lady now. You can’t ground me anymore…

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