Nailed it

Blood work came back and we’re good to start round 4! They’re reducing the Docetacil (chemo drug) a smidge to help try to reduce some of the worst of the side effects (like mouth and throat sores/infection and my newest symptom, sore fingers and weird ass fingernail shiz. My fingernails could actual pop off!!! GAH!!!!) During treatment today I’ll have to ice my fingers and toes, so this will be my last update until later on today. I know you’ll all manage fine on your own until then.

My oncologist is super thrilled with the results of the CT scan. We’re still not at the prognosis point, which is fine. I’d rather wait a little longer and get accurate information. I’m a nerd like that. But I’m feeling so optimistic right now. I really am. I just REALLY hope my fingernails don’t pop off. Much love and gratitude to you all!!!

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