How ’bout a nice Hawaiian Punch?

CT scan today to see how the tumors in my liver are responding to treatment. Last time I chose Hawaiian Punch flavored contrast. Today I opted for just plain because I have no idea what my chemo mouth will make the flavored contrast taste like. Right now nearly everything tastes hideous and I don’t want to ruin Hawaiian Punch for my post-chemo life. The past week has been really difficult, to be honest. All of my symptoms seem to have intensified, especially nausea and exhaustion. I haven’t been able to concentrate well enough to read a physical book in weeks and now I’m having a hard time focusing well enough to follow the gist of unfamiliar plots in new audiobooks. Instead I’ve been relistening to old favorites. Next up will be Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. If you haven’t read those yet, you really should.

And today’s test will reveal for certain if all of this is worth it; if the meds are doing the job. Technically I’m supposed to find out the results on Tuesday, when I have an appointment with my oncologist, but they always seem to post test results to MyChart well before then, so I’ll probably know in a day or so. I’ll use my Google skills to translate the medical gobbledygook to English, then pretend to be surprised on Tuesday when my doctor tells me. I’m getting pretty good at that, actually. Maybe I’ll try out for a play next year, when this is all over.

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