First round of chemo

Breakfast is eaten, antinausea meds have been taken. In a few moments it will be time for my first round of immunotherapy. These are the meds that act like snipers, taking out the particular cancer cells based on their individual weaknesses. Then will come the chemotherapy meds. That’s like General Sherman going in to fuck up everything in Georgia. I’m nervous, but I’m ready for this.

I’m thinking right now, though, of my great grandmother who died of cancer in the early thirties. They had nothing, really, with which to treat her and she died quite young, leaving eight young children behind. I can’t imagine what she endured, although I’m vividly aware of the impact her passing had on my family for generations. The impacts are still being felt, to be honest.

I’m so grateful and humbled to be living in a time where we can science the shit out of this disease. I know that even more advancements are within our collective grasp. I feel so confident that cancer can be wiped away in another generation. Let’s fucking do this.

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