Fuck Cancer

So here’s a post that’s no fun to write, just like I’m sure it will be unpleasant to read. Last week I was diagnosed with breast cancer, more specifically invasive ductal carcinoma. I’m going in for more tests this week so my doctors can determine the best course of treatment, but right now signs are pointing towards this being treatable.

Right now I’m generally feeling fine physically, which is good. I have a job that I love that provides me with really good health insurance and continued job security, even through whatever horrific treatment is coming my way. I’ve got an amazing, supportive family and so, so many friends who I know totally have my back. I’m really very fortunate and do not take any of that for granted. But y’all need to know that I’m gonna get through this. Basically, cancer can kiss my fat ass and fuck off. There’s too much shit I still need to get done.

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