I’m Not Cheap

I’m materialismally challenged. (Shut up, spellcheck! That is totally a word! So is spellcheck!)

Recently a good friend of mine sent a text inviting me to go shoe shopping with her at the mall.

ME: Ew! I hate the mall. And shopping. And shoes.

HER: But they’re 30% off!

ME: What’s the sale price?

HER: Around $60.


I didn’t go, of course. She knew I wouldn’t. I’ve never paid $60 for a pair of shoes in my life, not even for my wedding. My go-to store is Goodwill. Look at this awesome outfit I got from there right before Christmas. $2.99 for the shirt, $1.99 for the tank top, $4.99 for the jeans.

Awesome outfit of awesomenewss

But that doesn’t make me cheap. It just means I was able to take the money I saved on clothes to buy this sweet $32 necklace from SurlyRamics.

And it’s not just clothes. I got this really cool chair for free:

Red chairs are cool

And used the money I had set aside for furniture on this set of Harry Potter books. It was $120, but it came with a Hogwarts trunk! It’s a cardboard trunk, but still!

Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders

Hufflepuffs are particularly good deal finders.

Also, the cool multi-colored patchwork pillow on the chair up there? $42.

So I’m not cheap. I just have really weird financial priorities.





11 thoughts on “I’m Not Cheap

  1. I LOVE Goodwill. For exactly the same reasons you outline – less money on clothes means more money on cool stuff you can’t get as inexpensively as you can get the clothes. (Also, having been to one of the pricier mall stores to try to spend a gift card I got at Christmas, I keep being reminded of how cheaply the expensive clothes are being made, and how inexpensively I can get well-made clothes at Goodwill.)

  2. I’m a big-time thrifter. The thrifts and consignment shops near the rich neighborhoods are best. I can get on-trend designer labels, often still with the tags on, for pennies on the dollar of the original price.

  3. I think that all just makes your normal. Cause that is EXACTLY what I do. I save where I can so I can afford other things. I love your good deals! And I really like the pillow!

  4. Our Goodwill sucks. And they don’t have much in the way of ‘plus’ sizes for women, so I’m just SOL. My family’s motto is “Better Living through Scavenging!”

    Spending that much on books is NEVER a bad thing!

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