Superbowl prediction

I know nothing about football, except that – because I live in New England, and because Tom Brady is hot – I’m supposed to root for the Patriots. That doesn’t stop me from making a Superbowl prediction every year. This year, like all years the Patriots aren’t playing, I’ll make my decision based on which uniform I like best.

This year’s choice is a difficult one. I mean, both of these team’s uniforms suck big fat eggs. Seriously. Just look:



Still, I have to choose, so here goes.

Saints: 5943
Colts: 7

In overtime.

5 thoughts on “Superbowl prediction

  1. I’m a Colts fan, so naturally I have to disagree.

    Colts: 5943
    Saints: 7

    In the first quarter.

    Go COLTS!

    Besides, being a Hoosier fan I have a natural antipathy for Black and Gold.

    And the Patriots suck big fat eggs.

  2. I’ve been laying low lately. I still cruise through now and again. Couldn’t resist the Super Bowl post, though. I see your writing career is progressing nicely. How’s tricks?

  3. Last year it was the Steelers (black and gold) that rules our house. This year I will root for the Saints–black and gold— as I can use the same decorations/theme.

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