A message from the architect of Operation Ebook

“The 70 authors on Operation Ebook Drop asked me to say: More Troops please.

We have dropped approximately 4000 Free discount coupons linking our brave men and women deployed in the Armed Forces to some of the finest Indie novels in the industry to keep their reading devices filled with a variety of genres and styles. If you are a troop who has received an ebook drop, sound off here, so your comrades can step up and request our gifts.

If you want to participate and are a deployed member of the coalition Armed Forces, just drop me (edwpat at att.net) an email with your name, unit and location (and a little feedback – our authors enjoy some feedback), and I’ll set you up on the program.

If you’re an author and want to join the ranks of the givers, publish your book(s) on Smashwords and set up a 100% discount coupon and then drop me a line at edwpat at att.net and I’ll forward you the troop list and set you up for all new incoming troop book requests.

This program is only a month old and happened by chance here in the Kindle community. Indie authors care and we want to make a difference by thanking our troops for their efforts.

 Edward C. Patterson former Sp5 E. Patterson, USAR 6th Batallion, 60 th Artillery (1966-68)”

One thought on “A message from the architect of Operation Ebook

  1. I’m one of the participating authors and I’m so grateful to Ed Patterson for enabling this program. Just knowing that I’m supporting the troops in this small way is truly rewarding.

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