Kel the Curmudgeon

“When I was a kid, we didn’t HAVE cell phones…and we LIKED it that way!!”

dana-carvey-grumpy I SO do not want a Blackberry or an iPhone. I have a cell phone, but only my family has that number and they’re under STRICT orders to call me only when it’s an emergency ( “kid is bleeding” “pick up some eggs” etc) and to NEVER give out the number to anyone else.

I can’t stand the thought of everyone I know – or worse, people I don’t know – being able to contact me when I’m shopping or at the movies or … where ever. Call me at home and leave a message, like in the good old days! I promise I’ll call you back.

SO many people come up to the counter, talking on their cellphone, and expect me to wait on them at the same time. I HATE THAT! I ignore them until they’re done with their call. Yes I do.

And don’t even talk to me about APPS. Argh!!!! If I wanna read an ebook or update my Twitter page or harvest some veggies on my Facebook Farm Town, I’ll do it when I get home like a civilized person. And so should you.

Seriously. Put down the damned phone. Do it now.

4 thoughts on “Kel the Curmudgeon

  1. Amen – preach it, sister! It’s always a shock when people ring my cell phone 🙂

    The techgeek in me would like one of those fancy-pants all-singing, all-dancing modern cell phones but have you seen the price of them? And the cost of the packages? I’d rather feed my kids, thank you very much for asking. And that’s another thing – have you seen the price of gruel these days? Nothing but robbery….

  2. When I don’t want to be reached on my cell phone, I leave it at home.

    I didn’t want an iPhone until I zoomed in on a picture on someone else’s phone at a reading. You use your thumb and finger and spread the image outward – and it zooms! it is SO COOL.

    (The applications and internet access and cost are ridiculous and I know I’ll never get one, but it was a lot more fun to play with for that second than I thought it would be.)

  3. I agree with you 100%, Kel.

    I got a cheap $20 cell phone that you get the prepay cards for it. So, I use it for emergencies, too. I ddn’t want it, but I was pressured by family to get it. But I gave the number to a selected few outside my family. All because I’m hard to get a hold of and keep strange hours.

    And I think you’re right with waiting on those who are talking on the phone come to the counter. Very annoying.

    I miss the good old days…

  4. Ugh. I’m one of those offenders. But I only check e mail, and Twitter, and stuff in the privacy of my office. I don’t do it in front of others. So I’m only half annoying, right?

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