LLBookReview contest – Waiting For Spring

LLBookReview, a website that reviews indie books, is about to review their 100th book. To celebrate, they’re running a contest to see which book will be lucky 100.

Guess which book is in the running? THAT’S RIGHT!!!! “Waiting For Spring.”

If you guys would head over there to vote for it, I’d REALLY appreciate it! 


Oh…and there’s something in it for you if you comment there as well:

“Vote for your favorite in the poll below to help us pick which book will be our 100th Review to be posted on August 1st. Also, click on the “100th Review Contest” link at the top of the page and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the winning book. The poll will run for four weeks starting June 14th. The winning book will be determined by which book gets the most votes. The winner of the raffle will be drawn at random from all who leave comments on the contest page. ”

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