Mixed blessings

Spring is here, and with it warm-ish weather. I can almost taste summer, which is wonderful. Sunshine and hot days, working in the garden, playing baseball with the kids. Swimming in the lake.

But with that comes shorts and bathing suits and sandals. That means I’ll have to start shaving my legs every day again. And painting my toenails.


Hurry up, Autumn…

5 thoughts on “Mixed blessings

  1. Summer + shorts + bathing suits + sandals = Pale skin. Thus why I tend to wear long sleeves and jeas all year round.

    But Autumn gets my vote. Perfect for campfires.

  2. Oh, I haven’t painted my toenails since… well, a long time. But I do epilate. Yeah. It still doesn’t make me hate summer though. Anyway, this summer seems quite elusive.

  3. Oh, Kel! It’s a creative opportunity! You can use groovy colors and express your artistry! This summer all sorts of cool shades are in – purple, blue, orange. Go wild, Girl!

  4. Here on my Western PA mountain we have 5 snowfree months….only 5. I would gladly paint my toenails chartruse with orange polkadots if that would get me out of my wool socks!!! My pasty white Scot/Ukrainian skin that burns in front of a light bulb is generally covered….

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