Movie Mavens

My writing buddy, Robin Altman, co-hosts a movie review show called “Movie Mavens” on her local community television channel in Pennsylvania, and boy am I glad she does. She (along with Carole Carlson) saved me $8 plus popcorn by warning me against seeing “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” I think her facial expression says it all:


Thank you, Robin.

Also reviewed: “Monsters vs. Aliens.”

Check out “Movie Mavens” the first Wednesday of every month.

5 thoughts on “Movie Mavens

  1. I think I was pushing out a fart. Thanks for the post, Kel!!! (Now you have more money available for the Star Trek Movie.)

  2. I heard that the movie (“Ghost of…”) was pretty bad. Down right awful at that. (Not I was never going to see it anyway).

    But Star Trek looks great.

  3. From what I’ve read, Robin, the movie had that effect on most critics.

    Joe, we’re going to see Star Trek this weekend!!! Can’t wait!
    We were supposed to go see a midnight showing, but stupid me got the date mixed up. Oy!

  4. Oh, this is so weird. I live in the same area as Robin. I didn’t think much of it when you said Pennsylvania, but I live in Berks County, so I know BCTV. Is it a small world or what? Hey, congrats on being word warrior last week. Good Going!!

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