A side order of weird

Last night at work, a customer called me “hot,” and he did it without a trace of irony or jest. I suppose I should take it as compliment, because it is a compliment. But he’s only 19. He’s literally half my age. He’s only five years older than my son. Technically speaking, I could have given birth to the guy. So instead of feeling flattered, all I could think was, “Ick!” I didn’t say it, naturally. Actually, I don’t remember what I said. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “Ick.”

8 thoughts on “A side order of weird

  1. Good job! I wonder if it’s a trend with the young-uns or something? I got asked on a date by one of the university students while I was walking across campus a few months ago. He was serious and quite persistent, even after I pointed out I was married and twice his age. Go figure.

  2. Probably saw Cougar Club” on Skinemax and was hoping for an easy score – j/k!

    OTOH, I’ve been invisible to teenage girls for many years now, so a come-on would be nice. And deeply appreciated.

  3. Hey! In a sick, twisted, pedophilic sort of way, it’s a compliment! I even accept compliments from blind people these days. In fact, I hang around cataract clinics, hoping for a date.

  4. Definitely you should treat it as a compliment. Even if it comes with a side order of weird, at least the main course is hot. (Hey, it’s your analogy, not mine!) 🙂

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