Do you know?

Tonight I was chatting with a friend about Neil Diamond (yes…seriously) and it brought back something I hadn’t thought about in many years. Back in sixth grade I was in the school chorus. Not because I have a loverly singing voice. Quite the contrary. My singing voice sucks big time, a fact to which all of my friends and family, young and old, can testify. It’s just that I had (and still have) a rather deep voice, there weren’t any boys in the chorus whose voices had broken, and they needed an alto. Anyway, for our Christmas concert we sang a Neil Diamond song that I really dug, and for the life of me I can’t recall the name of it. I can’t even find it with a Google search. All I remember is that there was a great deal of Latin in it, and the only lyrics I that come to mind are, “Sanctus, Kyrie, Glory, Holy.” In fact, I have a vague idea that those may have been the only lyrics, but that might just be 20+ years of time eroding my already swiss cheese-like memory.

Anyway, if this rings a bell with anyone who might know the name of the song, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know.

6 thoughts on “Do you know?

  1. It’s called “Anthem”. Do I win a prize? Huh? A t shirt? A cake? I’m hungry. I want a cake.

  2. Wait! No cake for me. It’s called “Sanctus” from 1973. You probably weren’t going to give me a cake anyway, huh?

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