7 thoughts on “Come on down! Bring the kiddies!

  1. Kel, your videos of the convenience store are the bomb! I crack up. My favorite – the fake candle. Nice touch showing the little bulb in the middle. Oh, man, I can die happy now.

  2. Thanks all! Now that I’m back on graveyard on Sunday nights I’ll probably make these things more often. I can’t guarantee every week, though. I should probably make sure I do some actual work from time to time.

    Jen…LOL. It was rather depressing, doesn’t it?

  3. Another brilliant clip!

    So, these blunt wraps are for cigar smokers? Not that I smoke cigars…

    And I’ve always found the fuzzy pink handcuffs a bit strange. What ever happened to silk scarves? Not that I’d know anything about that, either…

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