Casting call part 2

I’ve had three takers so far in the “Whoo hoo, I’d love to be in a commercial trailer for Waiting For Spring!” offer. It would be awesome if I had a few more.

Just to ease your mind:

  • It doesn’t require you to dress up in a costume (unless that’s your thing. Just please wear pants. Unless you look like Brian LaChance.)
  • It will consist of reading two lines, and (if you’d like) a brief mention of why you enjoyed reading WFS.
  • If you’re super shy, or if you’re in the Witness Protection program, I can pixelize your face if you want. I have the technology. (Come to think of it, I guess that means you don’t have to wear pants if you don’t want to.)

If it’s something you might even be REMOTELY interested in, please let me know, either here in the comments box or by emailing me at

Also, today is Wednesday…my day for waxing poetic at Publishing Renaissance. Check it out.

One thought on “Casting call part 2

  1. This sounds like a fun idea, Kel. I’m not going to participate though, because I don’t like to see my face on video. It’s not my thing. But I wish you success and I cannot wait to see the result. I’m sure you’ll create something memorable.

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