10 thoughts on “Inspiration and stuff

  1. I think I shared your fashion sense in the 80’s. But I put the back of my fem mullet up for my wedding “do”. 🙂

  2. There was a time I wished I had enough hair up top to pull off a mullet. Now, I’m ever so glad it was never the case. Even at 17, I was too thin on top to pull it off. Mullet? Naw.

    Of course, at 17 mullets weren’t in style, and the military determined my hairstyle into the early ’80’s.

    I did have really long hair that I wore in a ponytail while riding. And I have actually braided my beard once upon a time and, although currently against the wife’s rules, I may do so again, certain threats no longer being as effective as in the past.

    You did pull fem-mullet off well, kel.

  3. H2, thanks! I still feel responsible for at least a small portion of the hole in the ozone layer. It took a lot of Aqua Net for that hairstyle.

    And I really dig beards. If you do decide to braid your beard again, be sure to post pictures.

  4. You guys are crazy*.

    * I’m just allowed to say this because I probably didn’t have any hair during the era of the photograph.

  5. I think that picture looks good, Kel.

    Though, I never had a mullet…I feel left out. Really? No.

    When I had a beard, I braided it in two…looked like a pirate. Then I shaved it.

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