You can’t always get what you want

Nearly three years ago, I expressed my resolve to never try filet mignon. My reasoning was as follows:

I know it’s expensive and that I’ll rarely be able to eat it and I’m so afraid that I’ll really like it and then come to the sad realization that I’ll rarely be able to eat it. “What if I get addicted to it?” I ask myself. “Would I then be forced into a life of crime in order to support my filet mignon habit?”

Well, I succombed to temptation on New Year’s Eve. My hubby and I went out to supper, and I ordered filet mignon. Sadly, I enjoyed it very much. It was seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. Nothing else quite compares to it. I want some more. I want it right now, but can’t afford to get any. So far, I’ve resisted turning to crime to get a fix, but it’s only been a few days. How much longer will I be able to resist its siren song?

I’m truly afraid for my future.

Kids, let this be a lesson to you. Stick with meatloaf.

11 thoughts on “You can’t always get what you want

  1. Luckily I’m not much on meat. Being almost-vegetarian is HUGE in terms of cost-savings at the grocery store.

    You would’ve loved the pub I used to hang out at around ’89-’91. They had a sand parking lot and on Sunday afternoons in summer they would close off the parking lot, set up a net and have “beach” volleyball. The winning team would get free bacon-wrapped filet mignon and the only catch was that you had to cook it yourself on the grill they had set up for that purpose. Fun times!

  2. So funny, Kel! My friends recently gave me a meat buying tip – they go to BJ’s to buy meat wholesale and freeze it. It’s awesome quality, because that’s where restaurants buy their meat! They’re taking me on a BJ’s outing next week. I’ll give you feedback. (I belonged to BJ’s years ago, and ended up buying a lot of stupid crap that no one ate, but who knows?)

  3. Mmmmm. Yes, it is true. I have had the finest meals and it has surely tainted my ability to eat crap. The next thing you don’t want to try is Kobe beef! These Japanese cows are massaged and spoiled and pampered with sake and beer for their short sweet lives… the result is something otherworldly. Love makes a difference. You can’t even imagine.

  4. I think it’s important to get experience with something at least once in your lifetime. (Minus illegal drug use, mind you.) And we all have our addictions…but perhaps it doesn’t hurt to indulge yourself every now and then.

  5. Over the years, I’ve developped an addiction to “food that I haven’t tried yet”….is it possible to become addicted to that? Nevermind. So no matter what previously sampled gastronomic delight is on the menu, the sight of kangaroo testicle flambé (as yet, an unsampled dish) would compel me to order that. Am I brave or just sad?

  6. It’s the only steak I’ll eat. Practically the only meat… thinking… yeah. You can get packages of tiny filet mignons, or I think they’re called somethign else, for not that expensive. But I say that, only because I eat meat about once a month or so, LOL! I could never afford to eat meat every day!

  7. Growing up I hated steak because I had only every eaten the cheap, tough stuff. Now, steak is one my favorite foods. I don’t get it often, but when I do, I enjoy every last bite.

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