A cycle of dependence

You may remember my story about Franny and Jack, the squirrels who took up residence in my backyard a couple of years ago and became dependent on our handouts. They have, unfortunately, since passed on (damned logging trucks), but their spirit lives on in their progeny who, as predicted, live on subsidized food as well. 

Today, I was able to take this picture of Jacqueline Squirrel as she braved the minus-20 degree wind chill to eat her lunch.


10 thoughts on “A cycle of dependence

  1. So Franny and Jack are gone? Too bad.

    (Actually, they may have committed suicide. I’m well aquainted with suicidal squirrels. Run into the road, stand there right in front of your speeding car as it they’re saying, “Ha-Ha! Sweet release!”)

  2. In the fall we had a crazy baby squirrel who was coming inside the house all the time. Just for short explorations. They don’t fear anything, do they?

  3. Although they manage to make some poor judgment calls wrt the traffic, squirrels are pretty darn clever when it comes to setting themselves and their progeny on the gravy train. A few minutes on a college campus will illustrate that point. University squirrels can be considered almost tame and will walk right up to you and beg if they think you’ve got something to eat. I’ve heard of students finding squirrels in their purses and backpacks, they get so brave.

    Your little Jacqueline is part of a grand squirrel tradition!

  4. Lori…so far, we’ve been pretty fortunate, and our squirrels have stayed outside. It’s fortunate for them, too. We’ve got a cat who isn’t as benevolent as we are.

  5. Maybe I am a specist because I can’t tell the difference from one squirrel to the next, if one had died and been replaced, I would not be able to tell. I have a huge tree outside my window with little squirrelies running up and down all the time. They are cute. Is it the diet or the tail that makes us like squirrels and not rats?

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