Exhibiting a “can do” attitude

Every year, I make about half a dozen New Year’s Resolutions. By February, I’ve managed to break all of them. So this New Year’s Eve, I’m making half a dozen resolutions I know I can keep.

1. Eat more chocolate.

2. Drink too much coffee.

3. Tell my kids “I love you” every day.

4. Ditto my hubby.

5. Gain ten pounds every odd month. Lose them on the even months.

6. Write and/or edit every day.

Speaking of writing, today’s my day for posting at Publishing Renaissance. Check it out.

16 thoughts on “Exhibiting a “can do” attitude

  1. Why resolve to do what comes naturally? It’s much more fun to make grandiose resolutions, fail quickly, and get on with drinking beer.

    Kinda like Lent, writ small.

  2. OH yeah! I can totally get behind ALL of those resolutions … number four might take a while though – have to wait and see what Kiwiland produces, LOL!!

  3. Those are my kind of resolutions! Happy New Year.
    I found your blog through Publishing Renaissance and have been reading through several of your posts. I didn’t want to comment on each because then you’d get tired of reading my comments and dread my name when you saw it in your inbox. 🙂

    When will your book be available on Amazon? I lived in Maine for 6 years.

  4. Elleann…Apparently, wordpress generates funky monster avatars for non-wordpress commenters.

    Well, actually, I did have a little control over it. I chose “monsterid” over pretty snowflake avatars. They’re much more fun. 😉

  5. Domestic Fringe…Glad to see you here! I’ve seen you over at Robin’s blog, but was rude and never properly introduced myself.

    BTW, I never get tired of reading comments.

    Thanks for asking about WFS/amazon! Actually, I’m just getting ready to make an announcement this afternoon!

    [cue dramatic music]

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