Remodeling woes

Once every winter, my hubby gets the urge to remodel a room in the house. This year it’s the livingroom, where my computer lives. As a result, I’ll be offline for at least today, and possibly tomorrow, depending on how long said remodeling takes.

I think it’s time to invest in a laptop.

4 thoughts on “Remodeling woes

  1. I think there are some good deal on new laptops right now. I have a used one that I bought last summer. It’s a sanity-saver, in so many ways! Get one if you can afford it. A writer shouldn’t be without one!

  2. Must be a man thing…there is always a time of year I want to start remodelling a room…

    And laptops are great – but break easily. The screen of my first one got broke within a week of getting it (still not sure how that happened). But I say laptops are a priceless investment for any writer.

  3. My dad is almost 80, mom is 76. The good husband and I succeeded in extracting a shiny new laptop from the bowels of UPS today for my folks. (long story, but UPS just would not deliver the sucker, so we went up to the depot and found and open door….) Yep…they bought a laptop…with wifi, webcam, 250G, dualcore, 3G, DVD recorder and heavens knows what else. So we started computer school tonight. DSL is going to be added Friday. All Dad said tonight was, how can I play Solitaire on this thing…..

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