Looking where I shouldn’t

I spent most of yesterday in front of my monitor, watching reruns of “The Office” on Netflix instead of writing and editing my new book or responding to emails or working on my website or finishing up my post for the Publishing Renaissance blog. I wasn’t too worried about my Day Of Unmotivation and Unproductivity, because I figured I’d have the evening to do all of that grown-up, responsible stuff. Instead I ended up at work.

“E” (aka The Cute One) called me yesterday evening to ask if I’d finish her shift, because her hubby (I know I originally said  she had a boyfriend, but I was originally mistaken…he’s her lawfully wedded husband) was in a snowmobiling accident. Naturally, I rushed over to finish the shift so she could be with him. Imagine my relief when the two of them walked into the store about three hours later and he appeared to be in one piece, without cast or bandages of any kind.

“Are you okay?”

He nodded a little sheepishly. 

“What exactly happened?”

“The sled caught on fire. So I jumped off.”

Since he’d obviously made it out of the incident alive, I asked what I knew was the second most important question: “Can you repair it?”

“Nope. It’s toast.”

“That’s too bad.” I looked over at E. “Is he really okay, or is he just embarrassed to admit he’s hurt?” It was hard for me to imagine that he’d jumped off of a flaming snowmobile without so much as a bruise.

“Yeah, he’s alright,” she said. “His crotch is just a little toasty, that’s all.”

And then I did it. Yep, I did. Before my brain could tell my eyes not to do it, I looked down toward the guy’s crotch. Thankfully, the region was covered with a rather long winter coat. Still. I looked down at the guy’s crotch! I suppose it was just reflex, and that if she’d said he’d burned his hand or ear or foot, my eyes would have darted to those regions before my brain could figure out it was okay to do so. Still.

I looked down at the guy’s crotch!

And that means I’ll never be able to look him in the eye again.


The good news is that I finished my blog entry for Publishing Renaissance. Check it out here!

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