It’s good for you!

Last night at the store, two customers – old buddies – were faux-fighting over the twelve pack of Miller Lite they were splitting; the old Tastes Great, Less Filling thing. When they asked me to settle the ‘argument’, I offered up these words of wisdom:

“You’re both wrong. Miller Lite does not taste great. It tastes like panther piss. And beer isn’t supposed to be ‘less filling.’ That’s why it’s beer. Now go back to the cooler and get yourselves some Guinness and drink it like real men.”

They didn’t. Wimps.

6 thoughts on “It’s good for you!

  1. I never understood “light” beer. I am not a drinker, but I do like a good beer on occasion. Maine has some fabulous microbrewries.

    To me light beer is like a diet coke… I’ll have a triple big mac and superduper fries and…. a diet coke.

  2. Bwahahaha. Love your response! Though I do drink Bud Light, myself. Mmmm. Yeah, I know. I’m a sissy.

    I do my best thinking in the shower, too. Good luck on NaNo!

  3. You have aptly summed up why I never liked American commercial beers.

    For my money, vodka is the better bet. More buzz, less bubbles.

  4. That was really good advice. They should have listened to you.

    I love Guinness. I always knew I was a real man. With ovaries and tits. A real man with ovaries and tits.

  5. As an Irishman, I have to, of course, agree with your assertion that “real men” drink Guinness. It’s more than just a beer – it’s a meal in itself, a manufacturer of gastric wind par excellence, a superb stomach expander and a mild laxative (not very mild if you down 12 pints…).

    Not having tasted panther piss (when did you taste it?) just yet, I cannot compare their good or bad points.

  6. Not having tasted panther piss (when did you taste it?) just yet, I cannot compare their good or bad points.

    I experimented a little in college.

    Oh wait…that’s not me.

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