Boring sales figures…

…that aren’t really so boring.

Looks like I was wrong about no more posts until Monday. Just a brief announcement–for those of you interested in how the indie publishing thing is working out–that this morning I hit 351 copies sold of Waiting For Spring. This was due in large part to two separate book clubs placing orders this week; one club for 15 books, the other for 20.

A great big thanks to everyone who’s read the book, bought the book, and/or helped support this endeavor by spreading the word. Most people I hear from have heard about Waiting For Spring from a friend or family member, rather than from my own marketing efforts. I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me. Please know how very much I appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “Boring sales figures…

  1. Hey, that’s terrific! When you mention book clubs, do you mean like local groups in your area or headed up by friends of yours on other towns? That’s a pretty nifty way to get readers!

  2. One of them is local (well, two towns over, which is ‘local’ for this neck of the woods), headed up by a teacher I know, and the other one is in Vermont(!!!!), headed up by a complete stranger who read WFS online.

    Excited…that’s me!!!! In fact, I think I will go make myself a Pop Tart! 🙂

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