Regarding Palin

Shepard Smith of Fox News asks that age old question:

“How could [McCain] end up with a running mate who doesn’t know that Africa is a continent?”

I dunno, Shep. Maybe they figured Americans wouldn’t notice after 8 years of Dubya.

3 thoughts on “Regarding Palin

  1. You know, it could be the Katie Couric interview, BUT probably some people didn’t even SEEN the Katie Couric interview, so I think it makes more sense personally that Obama’s numbers went up at the financial crisis.

    Which is pretty interesting. Without the wall street issue ever happening, would McCain be president right now?

    A few days ago I would have said it didn’t matter one way or the other, (and in some ways I still feel that way, since the house and senate have democratic majority, the McCain/Palin presidency would be gridlocked severely) but, yeah.

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