New Works at Readers & Writers Blog

Yesterday marked the last regular new entry for awhile at Sid Leavitt’s Readers and Writers Blog (although he will be “filing an entry every now and then.”) New works posted in that entry include:

* The remaining nine chapters of Ann M. Pino’s Steal Tomorrow.

* A poem, And Don’t Ya Know, by Laura Elliot.

* A complete rewrite of J. Cafesin’s Disconnected.

All excellent stuff there, so check ’em out! The link to R&W Blog will remain in my blogroll. If you’re ever looking for something good to read, don’t forget to check Sid’s archived works. You won’t be sorry.

One thought on “New Works at Readers & Writers Blog

  1. I’ve not been before – but I shall make a note to. Actually, I shall make 14 notes. I have the equivalent of ‘man-flu’ (ie a bit of a sniffle) but I’m forgetting everything each time I sneeze.

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