Another reason I’m not a vegetarian

Working an overnight shift is hard. Working an overnight shift with a cold is miserable. Working an overnight shift with a cold on a milk delivery night–when I have to spend at least an hour and a half in the cooler–is frigging horrendous. I spent most of the night cursing all lactating bovine. I’m still cursing them and am considering swearing off all dairy products. Except for milk in my cereal. And cream for my coffee. And ice cream.

And cheese.

4 thoughts on “Another reason I’m not a vegetarian

  1. Thanks Matt! And yep. That brandy is still going, going, gone. I’m drinking a shot of hot blackberry brandy as we speak. (Medicinal purposes, of course. Nothing clears yer lungs better.)

  2. BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHA! I soooo hear you. Nothing is worse than doing ANYTHING with a bad cold. I am MISERABLE when I have a cold, as I did recently. It’s just awful.

    Read the prologue to Waiting for Spring … loved it. Heartrending. You captured the voice of that child in a way that reminds me of the great Kaye Gibbons.

    I’m going to email you about something, RJ … heads up!

  3. Hee hee hee. You give me a laugh whenever I’m here.

    Really enjoyed The Book Thief, it was brilliant.

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