Today’s the day.

Waiting for Spring begins its serialization at Readers and Writers Blog today. Mr. Leavitt’s introductory post contains a brief, but very eloquent, essay about the publishing industry, and I agree with every word of it.

I’ve got nothing against a good, fun, quick read. But for the most part, when I pick up a book–regardless of genre–I want it to grab me by the collar, shake me up, and spin me around. Sadly, that’s been happening with decreasing frequency over the past few years. I’m reminded of what famed philosopher Eddie Wilson once said (although he was referring to the music industry):

It’s like someone’s bedsheets. You sleep in em, soil em, and ship em off to laundry. What I want is something you can wrap yourself up in forever.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any good books being published today; there are. I’ve blogged about several of them. You’ve just really gotta dig for them.

That’s why I’m personally very excited to be a part of the e-publishing world. Making lots of money has never been a goal of mine, and it’s certainly not the reason I write. I just want my work to be read and (hopefully) enjoyed. So check out Waiting for Spring at Readers and Writers Blog. I hope it grabs you.

4 thoughts on “Today’s the day.

  1. Kelly, thank you for your kind words about our weblog these past few days, but it is we at R&W Blog who should be thanking you. You’re the one who donated your creativity to our readers, and we appreciate it.

  2. Thanks Jenny! Right back atcha.

    And Sid…you’re giving talented, struggling writers a forum and an audience. That is a huge thing.

  3. Congrats, Kel! That really is great. I know that other people will get a chance to enjoy Waiting for Spring as much as Jeff and I did.

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