So, I’ve been struggling with my new novel. I’ve got a rough outline, I’m fairly familiar with my characters, yet I haven’t started writing the damned thing. I think I know why: I’m chicken. You heard me. Chicken. I’ve been working so long on editing a finished, mostly polished product that the idea of starting from scratch again scares the pudding outta me. What I need is a good, solid kick in the ass. And a goal.

Guess what? I found both. I joined the Word Count Union. It’s made up of ten writers (well, eleven now including me), each with a daily goal of writing 100 words. Anyone who doesn’t make their goal gets a public “flogging.” Sounds cool, no?

On a good day, banging out 100 words is easy. However, for those days (like the past several weeks of days) when I sit at my keyboard staring blankly at an even blanker screen…well, since I’m not into S&M, knowing that ten other people are standing ready with the cyber whips is an excellent incentive to get something down, however crappy it may be.

Check out the Union blogroll on the right.

8 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. They’ve even got a Wall of Shame? Ick.

    Well, if I can’t get off my backside and down to finishing my own novel, maybe I’ll come join you.

  2. Different things work for different writers. I can’t do word counts. I feel too pressured. I’m an intermittent writer. Then again, I’ve never written a novel, just stories, and need time and space between them.

  3. You are such an entertaining writer to read, I hope you do keep writing and pound out that book!

  4. Belated…but welcome. Glad to have another victim/recruit in the union.

    Re: the previous comment about the Wall of Shame — the Wall isn’t so bad. It’s the floggings you have to watch out for. 🙂 It’s a good kind of pain, though.

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